A downloadable game for Windows

Do you like to shoot toy rats?

So this game is for you!!! Invite a friend to help you in Coop Mode:

-Your goal is to destroy the army of evil toy rats and free the house from its tyranny.
-Make use of your weapons and explosives along the way, watch out for traps and evil rats and save the day!


The game plays better using Xbox 360 or Xbox One joysticks. Connect 2 joysticks and play Coop.

The Default controls on keyboard if you wanna try it are :

Player 1:
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
Left Ctrl - Shot
Left Alt - Jump

Player 2:
Left Arrow - Move left
Right Arrow - Move right
J - Shot
L - Jump

Have Fun!

Install instructions

Unzip the files, connect the joysticks and play!


Epic Soldier Attack 30 MB

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